Frontline Team

As followers of Christ, we are called to hospitality. We want people to feel like they have found a family. Our frontline team is the first group that new people see, and they are the hands and feet behind the scenes. We couldn’t do what we do on a weekly basis without people showing up and giving of their time to prepare for our gatherings. Responsibilities vary but include greeting, setup, tear down, cleaning, set change, decorating, and setting out communion elements. The frontline team is under the leadership of Dan Farr. If interested in serving email

Worship Team and Prayer Team

Worship and prayer are the lifeblood of any thriving church. Our desire is to see a team of people that lead our gatherings with passion, commitment, and character. Prayer is the foundational work driving the mission forward. The Lord is a rewarder of those that seek him – our desire is to a gathering marked by pursuit of Him. The worship ministry is led by Corey Wolloff. The prayer ministry is led by Michael Kyker. If interested in serving on the worship team please email If interesting in serving with the prayer ministry please email

Parish Groups

Parish groups are what we call our small groups at Journey. Parish groups meet all throughout neighborhoods around the city of Tampa and provide the environment for building deep community with each other that a larger gathering may not allow. Each Gospel Community ranges in size from 5-20 people. In these groups, we eat together, laugh together, and practice the way and teachings of Jesus. The parish groups are led by Dan Farr. If you have questions about parish groups email

Media Production Team

The first stories to be projected in church were on stained glass. The gospel has always been at its best when portrayed through story. Jesus used story to teach people about the kingdom. We want to continue in that tradition of telling the story of Jesus through creative and impactful means. Whether is through listening to stirring music or seeing a visual that helps someone get a better picture of who Jesus is – our media production team is there to help make it happen. This ministry is led by Dan Farr. If interested in serving with the media team please email